• Rules Of War !

    1. All members Must add there names to the wars list as early as possible

    2. All Players Must show up at 20.00 UK or earlier on night of match for practice. Fail and lose your position !

    3. If a player drops from the war next on the list takes his place.

    5. On match night the League WA's or admin will sort the team from the wars list to avoid embarrassment or confusion.

    6. Chat must be kept to a minimum in TS

    7. Chat in game / on screen should be kept to team chat ONLY except for GG etc.

    8. Members should get online to practice through the week which will also enable you to download any Maps required for the wars.

    9. At the end of any war GG should be typed to the other team regardless of the out come.

    10. The War Arranger has control of all wars and you must follow their instructions.

Moderator(s): Admin, Blue, Buster, flextest, Watson